Company Info

YeSan Health is wholly owned by Solution Business, which was founded in 2019 and funded by Ms Lisa Lu. Related businesses include AmPm  Doctors High Road, GP High Road, Rapid Wound Healing Clinic, and High Road Specialists and Allied Health. We provide comprehensive healthcare, general practice, and medical treatments in areas including :

General Medicine
Ante-natal obstetric care
Paediatric care
Chronic disease (heart attack/ diabetes/ stroke)
Skin check and consultation
Skin cancer medicine
Advanced Skin cancer surgery/theatre/procedure and management
Medical Laser (Cuter Excel V Plus)
Cosmetic Laser (Grade 4 medical laser)
Laser for all skin conditions and concerns
Laser system toenail fungus removal
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection
Anti-aging / anti-wrinkle Botox injection (using Dysport)
All immunisations for the young and old
Other Advanced surgeries (in-grown toe nails, ganglions, lipomas, sebaceous cysts, chalazions, vasectomy, prostate check and carpal tunnel release/decompression, cosmetic surgery – brachioplasty (arm’s lift), Blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery) and others.
Vampire facials (reverse signs of aging and stimulate collage using your own platelet)
All areas of Men’s health (including men’s sexual health)
Low intensity ultrasound treatment for erectile dysfunction
Weight management
Smoking cessation
Medical Cannabis/Marijuana application
Asthma (nebuliser and peak flow measures)
Health assessments
Mental Health Counselling and health plan
Aviation Medicine and assessment
Drivers assessment
Travel Medicine
On site electrocardiogram (ECG’s) and spirometry
Wound healing device (for Chronic and acute wound)
On site podiatrist
On site Psychologist and Psychiatrist
On Site acupuncture /Chinese medicine
Pre employment health checks – including insurance and worker’s compensation
Fat loss treatment (coming soon)

Our Vision

At YeSan Health, our vision is to provide the best and comprehensive healthcare to our patients with positive patient experience. 

Within our centres, patients are able to access a range of allied health practitioners and specialists who supplement the family general proactive to deliver the best care. 

Our doctors are well experienced , compassionate, understanding and socially responsible in building meaningful connections with our patients.

We promise affordable best healthcare for our patient and are a bulk billing GP clinic for Medicare holders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best, most comprehensive care to patients without sacrificing convenience or the overall patient experience.

We aim to be the best destination for healthcare. Within our centres, patients can access a range of allied health practitioners and specialists who supplement the family general practice to deliver the best primary care. We achieve this by partnering with exceptional doctors who share our vision.

We are building a leading socially responsible medical organisation and we provide excellent facilities for doctors to practice family medicine.