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Our Company

We provide comprehensive healthcare, general practice, and medical treatments in various areas, including general medicine, skin check and consultation, skin cancer medicine and more.

Products & Services

We offer a range of minimally to non-invasive aesthetic treatments for a variety of skin conditions with medical and cosmetic applications, making use of cutting-edge technology and techniques. 

Laser Clinic

Non-invasive procedures using laser technology to reduce the appearance of black marks, scars, veins, and more.

Botox Injections

Using Dysport® prescription injections to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, bruxism, and tension headaches.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Punch biopsies, malignant melanoma surgery, flap surgery, wedge excisions, skin grafts, SCC/BCC excision, and more.

Our Clients

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Contact Us Now

If you would like to make a booking to come in for consultation or to have a procedure done, just give us a call, or drop us an email!